Are You Acting Like A Daughter Of The King?

Are You Acting Like A D.O.T.K? Take the quiz 👑 


Daughter of the King Quiz

When you think of royalty, what comes to mind? Is it a crown? Ballgowns and throne rooms? Or is it the way members of royalty behave? How they carry themselves, how they act towards each other and towards their subjects? Now do you know that you are royalty, our Father is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. That makes you the daughter of a King, a princess and as a princess of the Kingdom of God there are expectations on how you should act. We have a quick quiz not to make you feel bad, but for you to see whether you are on the right track, carrying yourself as the royal princess that you are.

The Bible tells us that we are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, we are in the world but not of the world. With that in mind we have an obligation to live in such a way that when others look at us, they see the Royal Family, the Father, Son and Spirit. We have the Heavenly obligation to re-present the Trinity to everyone we meet. Remember that you are a Daughter of the King and that you should carry yourself as royalty.