Near to the Heart of God

Whether your Bible is dog-eared, or you don’t even own a Bible, this Bible reading plan is meant for you—you and everyone else who desires to know the God of the Bible.
This Bible reading plan exists as a resource to help you “grow in knowledge and wisdom of God”. It is intended to encourage you to read God’s Word and interpret it for yourself.  Read and study alone or with one other person like a spouse or best friend or in a small group. Follow the weekly schedule or treat yourself to an overnight retreat and immerse yourself in God’s Word.
 “Near to the Heart of God” is not a verse in the Bible. It’s the title of a beloved hymn. The words and music were composed more than 100 years ago by Dr. Cleland McAfee, a Presbyterian minister who beseeches God for words to comfort his family and his congregation with the death of his two nieces from a diphtheria outbreak.
“Near to the Heart of God” is the title and theme of this Bible reading plan. The word heart occurs over one thousand times throughout the Bible. The heart is named in the Bible more than any other part of the human body. How important is the heart! Of course, the use of heart in the Bible rarely refers to the vital organ that pumps blood. It is a metaphor for one’s inner being. This Bible reading plan explores the heart of God, the heart of humans, and how believers can draw near to the heart of God.

Do you know that most of the books of the Bible were written for people who were suffering? The human condition has not changed much in thousands of years, has it?!


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