Our Pursuit

Our Story

Hi, I am glad your path has brought you here! I am Jenny and I am the creator of Beautiful as YOU.

I spent half of my life feeling less than others and barely living with very low self esteem. My journey to loving myself the way God created me to be has been a long one.

I eventually came to learn that inner joy, peace and self acceptance can only come from truly knowing God and His character. Thus bringing us closer to Him and helping us encourage others in the same way.




True Identity

How would you describe yourself? Are you a wife, mother, teacher, a coach, friend, an employee? All the above?

Even though a lot of the above may be true, our true identity is found in Christ! We are a new creation, fearfully and wonderfully made!

Although , sometimes we don't feel this way. We allow the world's view of us or who we should be run through our minds too often. Consequently, making us feel as though we will never measure up.