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" Being vulnerable is both freeing and scary; I have opened myself up to the scary because I believe in the message God has for me to share. The nudge from the Holy Spirit on this is too big to ignore! " 
Jenny K

Hi, I am glad your path has brought you here! My name is Jenny and I am the creator of Beautiful as YOU. 

Beautiful as YOU came to life as a spin off of my first ministry "Women in the Word" which had great intentionality but was not the whole message God had for me to share. 

I reluctantly took the back seat and allowed God to take control; He never ceases to amaze me! It was only then that I knew how I was to minister to women and the full purpose of my pursuit. 

I spent half of my life feeling less than others and not living out the life God had designed for me. My journey to loving myself the way God created me to be has been a long one. It has affected every aspect of my life including my marriage, my job, relationships with family and friends, and my daughter. 

Satan had a tight hold on my mind in a way that kept me from living with the full measure the Lord had planned. I use to believe that good things were not for me; That I was not worthy enough to be celebrated. The thought of a birthday party, bridal shower or anything in my honor just didn't seem right or fit.

Thoughts of wanting to be like others in different ways occupied my mind.

I wished to be wittier or funnier like a close friend, prettier and cooler like a woman in the office, smarter and more educated like another, more talented like another, etc. I was continually coveting what others possessed that it prevented me from seeing how wonderful God made me! 

I eventually came to learn that joy, peace and love can only come from truly knowing God and His character. Thus bringing us closer to him and helping us encourage others in the same way.

This is where Beautiful as YOU was realized. God made each of us perfect the way we are and for a purpose. We are not accidentally here at this point in time wandering around aimlessly without true reason. He gave us our hopes, dreams and desires; He crafted carefully the way we look and sound. Our personality and idiosyncrasies are all designed marvelously by the one who loves you the most. 

You were created to be unique; you are beautiful. Beautiful as YOU!

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